Make sure you're always live.
Make sure you're always live.

Real-time health monitoring and error tracking dashboard

Health Checks
Errors Tracked
"Suprvise saves the day! My team loves it."
Fabrice Petit, Technical Leader
"Knowing when my websites are down is critical. I use Suprvise for a number of my websites and it never lets me down."
Dave Delahunty, Entrepreneur
"Running e-commerce websites can be stressful. Suprvise brings confidence and peace of mind."
Adrien Goddard, Unik Solutions


Real-time website health checks

We monitor your websites in real time to capture a very precise snapshot of your website's performance.

Error Tracking New!

Track down errors that are happening on your applications by logging them as they happen.

SSL certificate validation

Make sure visitors are always able to access your website via HTTPS by validating your SSL certificate.

Unlimited users

All hands on deck! Invite as many team mates as you need, we won't charge you more. Revoke access in one click.

Instant notifications

Whenever there is an incident, we send you and all team members a notification. Also, we let you know when it's back up.

Unlimited data persistence

We store all healthchecks for an unlimited amount of time, so you can track and analyse performance over time.

Weekly reports

Each week, we send you a beautiful email to let you know how your websites are doing.

Check page contents New!

Ensure the page contains, matches exactly or does not contain a string. Use a regular expression for extra precision.

Custom requests New!

Send requests using any HTTP verb, custom headers and more to test any API endpoint (even behind authentication).

Callbacks New!

Invoke any URL of your choice upon failure and success, enabling you to build a fully automated recovery system.

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